Civic Association Košická aréna

Civic Association Košická aréna was founded on Oct 29, 2003 through registration at SR Ministry of Internal Affairs pursuant to Act No. 83/1990 Coll. on Citizens Joining as amended, under No. VVS/1 - 900/90 - 22505.

Founding members of Košická aréna were:  Ing. Ľubomír Veme, JUDr. Zdenko Trebuľa and Ing. Pavol Miškov.

Košická aréna follows the Association Statutes and is aimed to complete the Winter Stadium STEEL ARÉNA in Košice and develop body culture, sport and ice hockey (first of all) in territory of Košice City and region.

Statutory Body of Košická aréna refers to the Board of Directors, managing the Association activities and acting in its name.  Supervisory Board provides supervision over the Board´s activities and entire Association.

Company U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o. adopted a commitment – to prepare the grounds for tenders for the building project contractors, to organize tenders, to collect and assess the contractors´ offers /bids, to prepare technical and other related grounds for contract proceedings, to represent Košická aréna (KA) at the contract proceedings, to provide for administrative work related to conclusion of contracts with contractors, to represent KA in front of the state administration and local self-administration authorities, to implement the building project, to represent KA during handover proceedings, etc. – i.e. to ensure transparency of the Winter Stadium completion.  

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