Arrival by car

Information boards located on the access roads to the city


Information boards located at the access roads to the city will assist you to orientate on your way.

Northern access (Prešov, Poland)

Drive directly n the highway, pass the bridge crossing the Hornád river and turn right to the city center (next to Railway Apprentice School at Palackého street).

Drive directly through the city along the bus station (1st traffic lights), through Námestie osloboditeľov square  (2nd traffic lights), pass the House of the Arts - Dom Umenia (3rd traffic lights).

On the 4th traffic lights, turn left through the tram track – you can see Steel Aréna directly in front of you.

Eastern access (Michalovce, Ukraine)

You will approach the city from the hill, passing habitation Furča on your right side. Under the hill, join the main road in the left junction lane – direction Centrum. Turn left on the next crossing – you will join the highway.

Then follow instructions applicable to northern access.

Western access (Zvolen, Rožňava), or access from the airport.

Pass the first crossing in front of the city- direction Centrum. Drive along the shopping malls and pass two traffic lights. Pass the roundabout and drive directly, you will see the Steel Aréna behind the first curve.

Southern access (Hungary)

Drive directly after entering the city, pass through the first and second traffic light. You will get directly to the southern part of Námestie osloboditeľov square, then pass the parking area (we recommend to park there) and continue to drive through another two traffic lights. Turn left on the third traffic light – the Arena is directly in front of you.


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