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With connection of candidature of Slovakia for hosting the World Championship in year 2011, the member of review board of IHHF Heikki Hietanen, who is also a general secretary of Finland hockey federation, visited Kosice on Tuesday, 11. April 2006.

Sir Hietanen, together with Martin Ryb (managing marketing director of SZLH), Juraj Bakos (managing director of HC Kosice) and Igor Havril (manager of Steel Arena) saw the Steel Arena – Kosice stadium of Ladislav Trojak.

“I have fantastic impressions from Steel Arena. It is not only a pretty hall, but it has adequate premises for teams or referees, which is very important for us. Very important is also a background. Every stadium, which wants to host a World Championship has to have in one’s disposal spacious cloakrooms, rooms for referees, delegates, room for doping tests, warehouses and etc. Everything is here so that’s fantastic:” said Heikki Hietanen.

“As I could see on with my own eyes, Steel Arena has beautiful sky boxes, restaurants, as well as premises for representative aims. We have to realise that World Championship is a big tournament and it requires extraordinary quality requirement. With what I have seen I was very pleased”

“Kosice  are very beautiful, but I have been here so far only for few hours, so I have not seen them as much” continue Finn. “During the Championship many teams, officials, delegates, journalist, sponsors and fans will be arriving here, which requires adequate capacity of hotels. Well in that I am at the moment seeing the weakness of Kosice. You definitely need more hotels. The mayor has however reassured me that there will be minimum three new hotels and that should sort out the problems.”


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